The value of this registration includes attendance at all the scientific sessions of the Congress (except Workshops and Integration Cocktail), Congress Notebook, Congress Bag, am and pm snacks, coffee station, certificate of participation.

Integration cocktail

At the end of the congress, on Saturday, October 8, we invite you to join us at the integration cocktail and live music, which will have a value of $100,000 / person for admission.

Participation certificate:

A certificate of participation will be granted by the Colombian Association of Neural Therapy – Neuraltherapeutic Medicine, the Association of Neurofocal Dentists of Colombia and the Colombian Association of Neural Therapy – Julio César Payán de la Roche with the support of the International Federation of Medical Associations of Neural Therapy.

Investigation work

Rules for Submitting Abstracts and Full Research Papers

For the Organizing Committee of the Third International Congress of Neuraltherapeutic Medicine and Neurofocal Dentistry 2022, it is a pleasure to invite you to participate in this event with the presentation of your research work.

The Scientific Committee will accept for evaluation, the summaries of the original papers and the research papers for competition that contain some of the following topics:

BASIC RESEARCH: Molecular, Physiological, Anatomical, Biochemical, Biophysical Research in Human Neural Therapy, Veterinary Neural Therapy and Neurofocal Dentistry

CLINICAL RESEARCH: Qualitative (case report, descriptive) or Quantitative (clinical trial, retrospective study, prospective study) in Human Neural Therapy, Veterinary Neural Therapy and Neurofocal Dentistry

SOCIAL RESEARCH: Community work, historical research, anthropological and sociological research in Neural Therapy and Neurofocal Dentistry.

An author can submit as many research paper summaries as they want, as long as the same information is not used for different papers, in which case they will all be rejected. A researcher may not present more than one poster during the Congress. The responsible author must sign the abstract format accepting the ethical points that govern research in humans or animals.

Only abstracts sent electronically (email) as attached files in formats will be accepted. .doc or .pdf. The name of the file will be headed by the word «Abstract» and then the name of the author. Example: abstract – Pepe Mendieta.pdf.

● Sending email address:
● Deadline for receipt of abstracts: August 15, 2022

The abstract must use a minimum font size of 10 points, ideally in Times New Roman; must contain a maximum of 250 words / 1800 characters (including spaces and excluding the title and contact information of the authors). Tables or figures should not be used.

The title of the abstract must be brief, with a maximum of 180 characters, without abbreviations, in capital letters and clear enough to identify the nature of the study. On the next line, place: the first surname in lower case and the initials of the names of the authors, underlining the name of the main author, and omitting the titles and academic positions of the authors; On the last line, write the name of the institution, city and country where the study was conducted. Leave a blank line and then start the summary development.

Organize and structure the abstract according to the study with objectives, study design, study site, patients, interventions, measurements (Methodology), results and conclusions.

Use one or two sentences to describe methodological aspects (control group, randomization, patient selection, etc.). The sentences that begin the description of the results must contain the «hard» data of the study, adding statistical analysis. Bibliographical references should not be included. Only generic drug names should be used.


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Acolten MNT - Asociación Colombiana de Terapia Neural Medicina Neuralterapéutica

Odnf - Asociación de Odontólogos Neurofocales de Colombia

Asociación Colombiana de Terapia Neural Julio Cesar Payán de la Roche

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International Federation of Medical Asociation of Neural Therapy

Federación Odontológica Colombiana